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Anne Obel

Hi I'm Anne, an audio creative that's passionate about storytelling and great audio.

Currently freelancing with audio post production. Editing podcasts, creating sound design, producing original music as well as doing mixing and mastering.

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Ruths Hus - Third Ear Podcast

Ruths Hus is a danish podcast series made by Third Ear. I jumped on, doing editing, sound design and mixing, after the 5th episode.

Ruths Hus is a series about a free church, or rather a sect, some would call it. And about its leader, Ruth Evensen. The show features elaborate and immersive sound design, original music for the series and world class storytelling.

Birth of Living Code - Podcast

Birth of Living Code was a podcast project I was making from mid 2019 until end of 2020.

It was about the intersection between the human condition and the digital world. It explored questions like, 'Can a Tamagotchi be alive?', 'Is machine learning racist?', 'What happens to our digital archives, and how will that influence future digital archaeologists?'.

The podcast was made completely entirely independent by me.

Each story started out with a single intriguing topic or interview, where I would dig deeper and deeper, and more questions would appear from each stone turned along the way.

Eventually the research would be pieced together into one big story, where I would write a story arc in order to create a continuously evolving narrative.

After scripting and editing interviews, I would write an original score for each story, and create sound design for specific moments in the story. Every asset, from sound design and music made in Ableton Live, to graphic design made in Illustrator, to editing and mastering in Pro Tools, was made from my laptop, in my apartment in Aspudden, Stockholm.

Link to listen to the episode here!

The final episode is about the digital archive we leave behind on social media, and how Facebook is a threat to how we write world history.

I got to interview a coding artist, that made a chatbot of herself from Facebook messenger data - a data privacy expert from Facebook, on how they're using our personal data to tell a narrative about us - two doctoral candidates from Oxford university, on how archeologists will look back on our current age - as well as look into how a museum from my hometown, is doing a project for alzheimers patients.

Synth Bird - Kickstarter Project with Rumtiden Idea Lab

The Synth Bird Kickstarter was a project I worked on together with Håkan Lidbo and Max Björverud at a design agency called Rumtiden Idea Lab.

Rumtiden Idea Lab is an art and design agency, making crazy explorative installations with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and that kind of interactive tech.

The Synth Bird was PCB kit for kids, to learn about circuitry and soldering, while making a little synthesiser for themselves. We worked on the project from mid 2019, until it's launch on Kickstarter in end of 2020.

On January 5th 2021 the project was fully funded, and backers started to receive their kits around May the same year.

Link to Kickstarter and Video!

I mainly focused on the video, and I started out by creating a story that made sure to explain the product and intention behind it very clearly. Then I wrote a script together with Håkan and Max, who would be infront of the camera. Then polishing the script by myself, and making a checklist of every shot needed for the video.

The video was shot by me, and was edited in Adobe Premiere, audio engineering was also done in Adobe Premiere. Music was by Håkan Lidbo.

Hyper Talks - Podcast

Hyper Talks is a student podcast I work on together with 6 other students at Hyper Island. My role is project manager and facilitator of the project, as well as producer and audio engineer for the show. We are the 6th generation of Hyper Island students that are hosting and making the show, since it started in 2015.

In November 2021 the project and podcast will be passed along to a new generation and team of Hyper Island students.

You can listen to the podcast here!

Our first story was about interviewing people connected in some way to the Hyper Island community, asking them what they are leaving behind in 2020, and what they are bringing with them in 2021.

I was in charge of facilitating the team, and creating a safe space for learning, how to conduct and edit interviews. I was also conducting interviews, and wrote a story arc for the first episode.

The episodes were edited and mastered in Adobe Audition. Original Music was made by me in Ableton Live.

Just Stories, Uppgång och Fall - Original Score for Podcast

In spring 2021 I was commissioned to create a signature soundtrack for a Swedish podcast production agency, Just Stories, for a show they were about to release, called Uppgång och Fall.

I started out the project by asking what songs they liked and thought could fit, to map out what kinds of instruments could fit, and what emotions they'd like to evoke for the soundtrack. I iterated on three ideas for them to pick from.

To provide back some of the mystique and intrigue I used ascending guitar line, with pizzicato cello plucks. (Guitar Pizzicato)

This was the soundtrack we ended on, and fortunately the client was very happy with the results in the end! (Slapback Cello Snippet)

The podcast was released August 2021.

You can listen to it here!

Unfortunately, they didn't really like any of them! They thought all of them were too slow and too gentle, and wished to evoke a bigger sense of urgency and excitement.

I went back to the studio and modified one instrument, and then rebuild from there. This was the instrument. (Cello Echo)