Who's Anne? What is she doing right now?

Anne Skoug Obel is a designer and creator, programming robots that explores the human condition and social norms, building user exeriences that are inclusive and experimental, recording her podcast and also editing video of her latest project.

Started to work at Rumtiden Idea Lab from 2019.

Rumtiden Idea Lab

From 2017 - 2019, Anne worked on her Bachelor's Degree at Beckmans College of Design.

Beckmans College of Design

From 2015 - 2016, First attended as a student, later as an assistant for design course at Krabbesholm.

Krabbesholm Folkehøjskole

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Embodied Dysmorphia

We are so incredible hard on our own looks, and that's because there is a narrow beauty ideal, we are forced to compare ourselves to. You're supposed to be a certain shape, size or a certain height. How do products affect our mental health and social norms? How can we be content with our beautiful differences instead?

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Flatpack Office

An exploration in office space design. A dystopian take on how we might need work in the future

The statistics of people living in cities was 750 000 000 in 1950, a number that is estimated to increase to 6 510 000 000 in 2050.

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Furniture for Gärsnäs

Embla with its double surfaces is a new take on the functionionality of the occasional table—one surface can be decorated with objects, and one is an ornament in itself.

It is a new type of product for Gärsnäs, at the same time as it has the potential to become a natural part of the company’s range of products.

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CIID Summer School Project

A project about consumerism. UN's 12th goal is to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, and one of those problems is that we get rid of stuff we've just bought.

This project tries to add a artificial sentimental value to products, by giving static object an identity and personality

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Interiors Concept

Task: Create an interior design concept for a store that sells 3D-printed objects

Through form language and design idiom, give the customer an elevated experience

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Birth of Living Code () {

When does code have a value, validity, an opinion, even possibly become alive?

This podcast doesn't have an answer to this, but rather tries to give meaningful stories upon this question...

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Furniture Projects

From 2014-2018

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