Birth of Living Code - Podcast

Birth of Living Code was a podcast project I was making from mid 2019 until end of 2020.

It was about the intersection between the human condition and the digital world. It explored questions like, 'Can a Tamagotchi be alive?', 'Is machine learning racist?', 'What happens to our digital archives, and how will that influence future digital archaeologists?'.

The podcast was made completely entirely independent by me.

Each story started out with a single intriguing topic or interview, where I would dig deeper and deeper, and more questions would appear from each stone turned along the way.

Eventually the research would be pieced together into one big story, where I would write a story arc in order to create a continuously evolving narrative.

After scripting and editing interviews, I would write an original score for each story, and create sound design for specific moments in the story. Every asset, from sound design and music made in Ableton Live, to graphic design made in Illustrator, to editing and mastering in Pro Tools, was made from my laptop, in my apartment in Aspudden, Stockholm.

Link to listen to the episode here!

The final episode is about the digital archive we leave behind on social media, and how Facebook is a threat to how we write world history.

I got to interview a coding artist, that made a chatbot of herself from Facebook messenger data - a data privacy expert from Facebook, on how they're using our personal data to tell a narrative about us - two doctoral candidates from Oxford university, on how archeologists will look back on our current age - as well as look into how a museum from my hometown, is doing a project for alzheimers patients.