H&M Research Project - School Project at Hyper Island

During the first semester at Hyper Island we received a brief from H&M Group to present a digital solution or service that creates long lasting engagement with women age 16-22.

I worked in a team of 4, and I greatly focused on research and creating empathy with the target audience.

After debriefing and doing a team development session, we ventured out to the streets to perform guerrilla style research interviews to quickly gain insights and understanding of our intended audience.

We asked questions like; "What brands are you currently wearing?", "What do you like about said brand?", "Do you feel like you trust this brand, why or why not?".

The solution we landed on and presented for H&M group was a 'for you' page, where shoppers could experience user generated content, instead of a very commercial driven view on the products on the H&M website.

We quickly found out that our target audience didn't like to affiliate themself with a specific brand, and highly valued modifying clothes that they bought second hand.

We then went back to the drawing board and condensed down our findings, into quotes and insights we thought were conducive with the problem H&M Group wanted us to solve.

I edited the interviews into short snippets in Adobe Premiere, to document the process, and to create empathy and understanding with the target audience for our client.

I facilitated several ideation sessions for the team to come up with ideas to solve problems that H&M group were facing.

A red thread through the research and ideation was individuality, and we landed on a 'how might we' question; "How might we promote individuality when shopping at H&M group stores?".

We then made our own rapid prototypes in Figma based on small ideas, to user test and find further insights.

The project was well received and passed along as inspiration internally at H&M Group.