Just Stories, Uppgång och Fall - Original Score for Podcast

In spring 2021 I was commissioned to create a signature soundtrack for a Swedish podcast production agency, Just Stories, for a show they were about to release, called Uppgång och Fall.

I started out the project by asking what songs they liked and thought could fit, to map out what kinds of instruments could fit, and what emotions they'd like to evoke for the soundtrack. I iterated on three ideas for them to pick from.

To provide back some of the mystique and intrigue I used ascending guitar line, with pizzicato cello plucks. (Guitar Pizzicato)

This was the soundtrack we ended on, and fortunately the client was very happy with the results in the end! (Slapback Cello Snippet)

The podcast was released August 2021.

You can listen to it here!

Unfortunately, they didn't really like any of them! They thought all of them were too slow and too gentle, and wished to evoke a bigger sense of urgency and excitement.

I went back to the studio and modified one instrument, and then rebuild from there. This was the instrument. (Cello Echo)