Music for P3 Dystopia - Original Score for Podcast

During spring 2021 I interned at Tredje Statsmakten podcast production agency, with their show for Swedish public radio, P3 Dystopia.

I worked on music production and sound design for an episode about 'killer mushrooms'.

P3 Dystopia is an investigatory podcast about ways the world could end. Very dystopian, yes.

The show needed music that would evoke an uneasy feeling, a feeling of urgency and distress. Here's a snippet from the beginning of the episode, a fiction about mushroom spores could enter your lungs. (Intro Snippet - P3)

The show needed a palette to evoke a sense of wonder, of hope, and that humans are incredible and can surpass great calamities if we work together as a species. (Hope Snippet - P3)

You can listen to the episode here!

But the show needed more palettes of emotions than just distress. The show includes interviews with scientists and other fact based characters, so there was a need for music to evoke a sense of intrigue and underline the feeling of investigation. (And the Story Snippet - P3)